Treat 'Yo Self to a Post-Graduation Present with Volkswagen Gallery College Grad Financing Program

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We believe that everyone deserves to get the vehicle they need to get on their feet after graduation, so we're offering a $500 graduation gift and special financing offers to recent or future grads in the Boston area. You can buy or lease a new Volkswagen Beetle, Passat, Tiguan, or even the brand-new Atlas for an even more affordable price with our College Grad Financing Program


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To Get Your Value-Packed VW in Norwood, Shop the Certified Pre-Owned Inventory at Volkswagen Gallery

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Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen Car or SUV?

Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen cars and SUVs aren't like any old pre-owned vehicle you might buy in the Boston area. Unlike buying a used vehicle from a private seller, you'll be able to get a recent model year, low-mileage Volkswagen car or SUV for an affordable price. And when you consider the value and already affordable prices of Volkswagen vehicles, you can't go wrong when buying your Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen with us in Massachusetts. 


What Car Maintenance Services Do I Need Every Spring?

Why is spring maintenance service essential? Our dealership in Norwood, near Wellesley, Needham, Stoughton, Quincy and Boston, MA, knows how important it is that you have a reliable form of transportation to get to and from your various activities. With the winter behind us, getting your vehicle back in tip-top shape is vital. It’s time to get that salt off of your car’s tires and get a thorough inspection at our top-notch Service Center here at Volkswagen Gallery.

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Explore the new features on the Volkswagen Jetta that make it so appealing to Massachusetts drivers!

If you're a fan of the Volkswagen brand as we are here at Volkswagen Gallery, chances are you're pretty familiar with the Volkswagen Jetta. This stylish compact car boasts a distinctly European flair with its clean styling and impressive yet efficient performance credentials. However, while the Volkswagen Jetta may seem like a modest daily driver for Boston area commuters, it's features and technologies tell a different story. In fact, you may just be surprised by all the big features that this small car has to offer.



The Sophisticated & Exciting 2018 VW Passat is here in Norwood!

This is a family-friendly midsize sedan model, redefined.

The 2018 Volkswagen Passat offers extraordinary interior comfort, outstanding fuel efficiency, award-winning safety features and plenty of clever technology too. But it has some attitude as well, thanks to a sporty and fun driving personality combined with a sleek, eye-catching style!
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So What's the Difference Between Used & Certified Pre-Owned?

The differences between a brand-new vehicle and a pre-owned one are certainly obvious, however the distinguishing factors between used and certified pre-owned may in fact not be quite as obvious to many car-shoppers...



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