Explore the new features on the Volkswagen Jetta that make it so appealing to Massachusetts drivers!

If you're a fan of the Volkswagen brand as we are here at Volkswagen Gallery, chances are you're pretty familiar with the Volkswagen Jetta. This stylish compact car boasts a distinctly European flair with its clean styling and impressive yet efficient performance credentials. However, while the Volkswagen Jetta may seem like a modest daily driver for Boston area commuters, it's features and technologies tell a different story. In fact, you may just be surprised by all the big features that this small car has to offer.



The Sophisticated & Exciting 2018 VW Passat is here in Norwood!

This is a family-friendly midsize sedan model, redefined.

The 2018 Volkswagen Passat offers extraordinary interior comfort, outstanding fuel efficiency, award-winning safety features and plenty of clever technology too. But it has some attitude as well, thanks to a sporty and fun driving personality combined with a sleek, eye-catching style!
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So What's the Difference Between Used & Certified Pre-Owned?

The differences between a brand-new vehicle and a pre-owned one are certainly obvious, however the distinguishing factors between used and certified pre-owned may in fact not be quite as obvious to many car-shoppers...



How can I save money on routine car service costs?

If you love your VW car as much as we love ours here at Volkswagen Gallery, then you know that proper care and car maintenance is important. However, if you've gone to other service centers here in Norwood, MA and nearby Boston, MA, you know that auto maintenance and repairs can be costly. So, you may be wondering, "How can I save on routine VW maintenance?" Luckily, as one of the premier VW service centers in the area, we're well-equipped to help you answer that question here at Volkswagen Gallery.

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Beetle Invasion means great savings for shoppers at Volkswagen Gallery this holiday season!

You can point to a lot of different models and innovations that have contributed to the Volkswagen brand's success over the years, but when it comes right down to it, the VW Beetle is really the car that started it all. Chic and timelessly stylish, our selection of new Volkswagen Beetle models never fails to draw drivers from Boston to Needham, MA to our Norwood, MA showroom year after year. And now with our Beetle Invasion special sales event, you may be surprised at the big savings this cute little car has to offer.

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