What car services does my VW need to get ready for winter in Massachusetts?

The East coast winter can be unforgiving. Divers that want to be doubly sure that their vehicle is prepared to take on winter can breathe a sigh of relief! In this blog post we'll go over some of the essential preparations that drivers can do to make sure they're ready for winter in Massachusetts. Already know you want to schedule an appointment? No problem. Jump over to our service scheduling page.

  • One of the first steps Wellesley drivers should take is check their owner manual for the manufacturer's recommended service schedule.
  • Winter tires - Regardless of whether you're in Needham or Quincy, winter tires are always a great idea. Studded tires are always a great option if you want near maximum traction on Massachusetts roads.
  • Engine performance check - Avoid spotty engine troubles and ensure that your vehicle is ready to run smoothly in the harsh winter temperatures.
  • Change oil/ filter - protect your engine from damage, get yourself an oil/ oil filter change.
  • Check your battery - It's probably fair to say that nobody enjoys having to jump their vehicle in the middle of winter. It's cold, it's tedious, it's just not fun. Boston drivers that want to ensure that their battery is functioning as it should be, should get it checked at a professional mechanic.
  • Brake Check- Get you brakes checked! You want to be able to stop when you need to. Especially when you might be dealing with tough conditions.
  • Cooling system check- Flush and refill your cooling system to ensure that your engine stays properly cooled.

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