Should I Lease or Buy My New Car Near Boston?


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Well that is a great question, and certainly is not an uncommon one asked of us by our customers here at our Volkswagen dealership just outside of the city.

While we know that you'd probably like us to respond to you just by providing a clear 'black and white' answer, it is one of those things that falls in a 'gray area'. The simple fact of the matter is that when trying to determine if leasing or buying a new VW model is the way to go, it truly depends on your unique preferences, budget and driving habits!

Here at Volkswagen Gallery, we always try to make the lives of our customers easy and hassle-free. And to support these efforts, we are home to a phenomenal finance department that is entirely dedicated to helping you obtain the best payment solutions possible. Whether you want to lease a VW, take out a loan, or purchase your favorite new model outright, our financing specialists are here to help!

Check Out the Key Benefits of Both Leasing & Buying a Volkswagen in Norwood, MA.


  • Leasing offers affordability, as you only have to make low monthly payments in order to lease a vehicle which are typically in most budgets
  • People also are drawn to leases because of the flexibility they provide, as you choose if you wish to renew your lease, start a new lease, extend your lease or simply end the lease altogether when the term ends
  • And when the lease is over, you can experience driving a variety of different VW models, simply by trying out a new one every few years


  • Of course, if you choose to buy your next car here in the greater Boston area, then the vehicle is entirely yours without any mileage restrictions or other lease-contract obligations
  • This is usually a more cost-effective option for shoppers who plan on possessing their next ride for the long-term and for as many years as possible in the future
  • You are also free to sell and modify your Volkswagen however and whenever you see fit if you choose to buy

If you're considering treating yourself to a new Volkswagen, be sure to explore our compelling global incentives currently available here in Norwood. And if you can't wait to get behind the wheel, go ahead and submit your finance application today so we can get the paperwork started right away.

So, the question still remains- will you buy or lease a new Volkswagen?


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